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Principal Broker, Commercial Mortgage Broker

2021 Mortgage Awards of Excellence winner

Stephen has worked in the finance industry for over 10 years. He has managed the portfolios of high value, high growth, small and medium-sized businesses and specializes in commercial real financing. Stephen is where high finance and commercial real estate meet, helping business owners and real estate investors secure the financing they need for their business and commercial real estate ventures.

Industry Awards

  • 2020 Avison Young – Commercial Broker of the Year Finalist
  • 2020 Mortgage Awards of Excellence – Commercial Broker of the Year – Finalist (Top 4 Nationally)
  • 2020 CMP Rising Stars Winner
  • 2019 CMP Magazine – Hotlist Winner (Recognizes 47 of the industry’s most innovative influencers)
  • 2019 Mortgage Awards of Excellence – Commercial Broker of the Year Finalist


President, Manager Credit Analyst, Commercial Mortgage Agent

Vanessa joins HALO from Corporate Canada, where she held a variety of roles over a 17 year commercial banking career across the Big 5 Banks in Canada. Vanessa’s Corporate Commercial & Personal Banking experience she brings to HALO include:

Special Accounts Management
Business Development Manager
Manager of Credit Adjudication

Vanessa adds significant credit adjudication and risk management experience to the industry leading HALO Advisory | TMG Black Capital at a time when the commercial lending company is expanding into Private Lending and Equipment Leasing.


Senior Director, Business Financing

Alex has over 20 years of experience in the financial industry, the vast majority of which was at Canada’s largest financial institution. His experience and specialization includes relationship management, business credit coaching, product and project management, as well as the national implementation of initiatives, credit tools, policies, and procedures. Alex’s passion lies in putting the client first and ensuring the solutions presented are in their best interests.

Alex leads HALO’s management consulting practice and assist business owners with Business Plans and Start Up financing and is working on completing his MBA from Warwick Business school.


Director of Operations

Carmen spent 25 years at CIBC as a governance and compliance specialist and brings this expertise to HALO. Carmen leads our operations and supports Stephen with the brokerage compliance and day to day operations needs.


Manager Credit Analyst, Commercial Mortgage Agent

Anna has over 10 years of experience in handling the adjudication of commercial financing for small to mid-market businesses, infrastructure projects and real estate developers. Anna’s expertise lies in construction and real estate financing, risk analysis and developing custom loan strategies for a variety of business operations.


Commercial Mortgage Associate

Izabela is a commercial mortgage associate and senior commercial credit analyst for HALO Mortgage Advisory Inc.

Izabela joined HALO’s Commercial Mortgage Broker training program and works directly with Stephen to assist commercial mortgage borrowers with their commercial mortgage and business financing needs. Prior to HALO, Izabela worked for a chartered Bank as a commercial credit analyst writing commercial credit applications $10MM and up. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Rotman school of Management and she specializes in Income Producing Commercial Real Estate and Owner Occupied Commercial Real Estate Financing for small and medium Sized Companies.


Commercial Mortgage Associate

Michael is a commercial mortgage associate and credit analyst at HALO and TMG Black Capital.

Michael joined HALO’s Commercial Mortgage Broker training program to learn the commercial mortgage industry and is being mentored directly by Stephen and the HALO team to learn the commercial mortgage industry while leading our residential underwriting for TMG Black Capital. Prior to joining HALO, Michael worked for a chartered Bank as a personal Banker where he completed his CFA level 1 and Level 2 and he is working diligently to complete the level 3 while learning the brokerage industry at HALO.

In addition to his CFA level 2, Michael holds a bachelors degree from Schulich School of Business and worked at several banks in a variety of personal banking roles. His expertise in personal Banking along with his extensive education is a welcomed addition to the HALO team to assist our Black Capital clients with residential mortgages.


Mortgage Agent

Annalay has been a mortgage agent for 2 years and joins TMG Black Capital to provide elite residential mortgage services to investors and business owners and is supported by the HALO team. Annalay has extensive knowledge in alternative mortgages and has extensive private lending contacts which we value at HALO and TMG Black Capital to help real estate investors and business owners. Annalay works with investors of all size from single family, duplex, triplex, to multi family apartments providing tailored mortgage solutions based on the clients needs.

About HALO Advisory

When you work with HALO’s mortgage brokers, mortgage agents, business consultants, and credit analysts, you can expect proven and innovative approaches to solving your biggest financing challenges, meeting your most pressing needs and peace of mind. It’s time to work with a firm that knows how to deliver the results when you need them.

Whether you are looking to grow a commercial real estate portfolio or already developing medium and high-density projects in this highly competitive and, at times, complex market, HALO Advisory’s team of leading Canadian mortgage brokers, mortgage agents, business consultants, and credit analysts, will work with you each step of the way.

Whether thriving or facing new or unexpected challenges, we use our Advisory approach to lending transactions to provide business owners with a customized financing solution.

HALO Advisory is one of Canada’s leading finance companies for a reason. Besides providing business and leading real estate advisory services, commercial and residential mortgages, private mortgage and equity investment opportunities HALO Advisory Inc. and HALO Mortgage Advisory Inc. delivers results!

The Industries We Serve

We are real estate and business financing specialists and generalists and work with businesses in various industries and asset classes, including but not limited to:

  1. Owner Occupied Commercial Real Estate (Business purchasing their building)
  2. Low/Mid Rise Construction Financing
  3. Investment Commercial Real Estate (Investor purchase and leasing to tenants)
  4. Hotel
  5. Special Use Property Financing (Includes places of worship, single-use, self-storage, and environmentally sensitive properties) 
  6. Industrial Properties
  7. Office Properties
  8. Gas Stations
  9. Retirement Homes

Our Mission

With over 75 years of Canadian Banking industry experience, our MISSION is to ensure you receive the most favourable terms and conditions for your transaction by providing guidance and transparency throughout the various stages of the mortgage lending process.

Our mortgage brokers are passionate ex-bankers who understand the challenges of the lending process. As a result, we tailor our services to “bridge the gap” to streamline communication between borrowers and lenders.

We do this by building a customized financial model for our clients by taking the time to know your business goals and understand the unique challenges you face or are likely to face in a rapidly evolving market. In addition, through our proprietary underwriting process, we help you develop your lending strategy BEFORE approaching the lending market to ensure that we can hold lenders accountable and ensure everyone involved is speaking the same “lender” language.


Choices, Transparency, Integrity

Accountability, Commitment, Quality

Equality - Gender and Race

Financial Literacy - Basics of Credit Reports and Credit Usage


Immigrant Success and Opportunity

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